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Create a new circle to recognize in the annual gifts: 1%.

This is already being done elsewhere: good.is - One Percent Foundation Unleashes Next Generation of Philanthropists(external link)

And in California: here in the Economist(external link).


Encourage people to give a percentage (just one percent!) of their net income. This allows people with less means to be part of a top donation circle, and encourages a different kind of giving: perpetuities. If it is not already enabled, we need to be able to have people donate a monthly amount, automatically deducted. Encourage $1/day. Ask for 1% of net income, or more. We can also take advantage of the media attention for Occupy Wall Street by making this a "Give Back Your 1% - Be Part of Free Education" campaign, which echoes many of the popular motifs in #OWS of late.


  • $1/day from every Alumnus would amount to $4M/year
  • 1% / alum = ???