1. * This is distributed equally amongst all students, but students of varying schools utilize humanities classes differently, so the distribution "spent per art student" will be different than "spent per engineering student" etc.
  2. ** Faculty = FTE "Full-time equivalent"

Faculty Costs

In the engineering school, the top pay for full-time instructors is approximately $120K. In the architecture school, adjunct faculty go up to $100K. The art school lies somewhere inbetween. It must be noted that most of the faculty in the architecture school are not full time, but many are visiting professors that are essentially special case, high-notability architects. Engineering is instad mostly full-time faculty that are not in particular world-famous visiting teachers. The art school lies somewhere inbetween. How much of this value is integral to the schools, and how much the pay is requisite for the individual instructors is more complex than a single equation.

Administration Costs

School Dean Administrators Full-Time Faculty Proportional + Adjunct Faculty Staff
Architecture(external link) Dean Anthony Vidler(external link)22364
Architecture Asst. Dean Elizabeth O'Donnell(external link)
Art(external link)Dean Saskia Bos(external link)895943
ArtAsst. Dean Steven Lam(external link)
Engineering(external link)Acting Dean Simon Ben-Avi(external link)0 365917
Humanities(external link)Dean William Germano(external link)084510