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Audited Finances



  • A full list of the last 4 990T's and last 12 990's can be found here.


Official Financial Slides


Non-Debt Breakdown

  • A breakdown of the numbers over the past 10 years, subtracting out the Chrysler building and other debt, leaves an interesting view into the deficit.


Barry Drogin's Analyses

  • Here is his analysis(external link), and his slides from the Dec 5 Summit can be found here.
  • The Alumni Pioneer page dedicated to these general issues can be found here(external link).


Richard Stock's and Nick Agneta's Analyses

  • The other Dec 5 Summit slides can also be found here.


Requests for Information from Board of Trustees, Prior to Dec 16, 2011

  • We need to consolidate the things we need from them into something organized, let's start here


990 Analysis 1995-2010


Alumni Giving Numbers


Here is the legal document describing the negotiation of the mortgage on the Chrysler Building.


Chrysler Building


Comparative Research


Financial Inconsistencies