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Students that come in to the school bring in "sponsors", one or many, that help pay for their education, and connect them to the outside world.


Beyond just bringing in money from sources other than the usual students, parents, and alumni, there are many non-material benefits. It brings with it a sense of connection to the student as well. Right now, there is no engagement with the value of the education being given, and this translates to a distinct disconnect once many students graduate. By giving periodic updates, or meeting with these sponsors, each student can become more aware of the place that their education has in society. And the sponsors will be reminded of the growing value of their "investment" as well. This ties the community in nicely with Cooper, a win-win for all.


  • How much would sponsors be required to provide?
  • Would students be asked to find a sponsor as part of their admissions process, or choose from a growing list?
  • How do we cultivate sponsors?
  • How do we update them — the new systems out there that give people updates about how their donation money is actually used come to mind.
  • Could this tie in with apprenticeship? systems?
  • Could it overlap with external paid internships that are part of a work study program??