After students occupied President Bharucha's office(external link), survived a very tense situation with armed guards, blocked stairways, and no electricity or water(external link), and maintained their occupation for over two months(external link), they eventually worked with the Board of Trustees and negotiated an exit.(external link)

The result was a written agreement(external link) with the board, with the primary result being a formation of the Gural-Borkowsky Working Group, a committee formed by the Board, filled by independent elections of the different community constituencies, and with the access to finances and responsibility to forge a cost-cutting plan that can work.






Trustee - Mike Borkowsky ME'61(external link)
Trustee - Jeff Gural(external link)
Trustee - Catharine Hill(external link)
Alum - Barry Drogin EE'83
Alum - Victoria Sobel A'13
Alum - Robert Tan AR'81
Student - Rob Brumer EE
Student - Jakob Biernat A
Student - Arta Perezic AR
Faculty, Eng - Ben Davis(external link)
Faculty, Art - Christine Osinki(external link)
Faculty, Arch - Diane Lewis AR'76(external link)
Faculty, Hum - Atina Grossman(external link)
Admin - Lawrence Cacciatore(external link)
Admin - Teresa A. Dahlberg(external link)
Admin - Sue McCoy(external link)
Part-Time Faculty - Sasha Tochilovsky(external link)
Staff - Lawrence Mesich(external link)